undo and redo

Not sure about the black lace from the evening gown, too new, not enough history, although like to black lace reference in contrast to yellow embroidery analgise handmade gown fabric…

Option between the neckline focus and strap line tension band, more scope in neckline…possibly…both to be undone and reworked…

The Yellow Handmade Gown

Two layers; broderie anglaise style fabric outer layer, good solid  lining under layer. Scoop cowl neck, complicated corset wire construction by hand, beautifully done. Both layers are woven, never forgiving.    Its boned but not that boned

Seems to be fitted to ‘normal ‘ long body shape… It fits but I’m fat, full gathered  waist….  does not suit my figure, be alright if it was short body.   Bit of an effort to lift those skirts and walk

Side metal zip. Hand sewn hooks and eyes… .  how does this dress sleep