Skills in the Making Workshop – Wednesday 15th January 2014

I ran my ‘Meaning, making and materials’ workshop last Wednesday.  St Marylebone C.E. School, London hosted the workshop and participants were a lovely enthusiastic mix of primary and secondary school teachers from around London, south east and mid regions.  This workshop is part of the ‘Skills in the Making’ programme now run by NSEAD.

“Skills in the Making offers a blended professional development programme for teachers of art, craft and design delivered by makers.”

I have been running workshops for ‘Skill in the Making’ since 2009.

Wednesday’s workshop session introduced simple and adaptable weaving techniques using low cost materials giving starting points and suggestions for possible bigger classroom projects. Unwanted items of clothing were used as raw materials which opened up thoughts around making, material and meaning.

Thank you to Penny Jones (Skills in the Making co-ordinator), St Marylebone C.E. School’s Art Department Staff and all who participated in the workshop.

Meaning, making and materials workshop session 15th Jan 2014. led by Lucy Brown Workshop Outcomes. 15th Jan 2014.Workshop session 15th Jan 2014. Led by Lucy Brown.

Meaning, making and materials workshop 15th Jan 2014. Led by Lucy Brown