A review on Phoenix Spotlight Event – 10th Sept 2018


It’s not often an artist get the opportunity to reflect on their own public artist talk, but taking part in Phoenix Spotlight allowed me to not only reflect on my practice, but also on how I talk about my work, thanks to a review on Phoenix Spotlight event by Jake Francis for The Verse.

I have to admit I was more nervous than usual, and after a few conversations after the event understood this to be because I was presenting on home ground and to other Phoenix Artists and Staff, which made the event intimate and a space to bare all. I could not tell you what I said during the 45 minuet talk about my practice, but gauging from the lovely audiences response to Tom Heatleys’ and my own talks, as well as Jake Francis review, it seems the event went well.

Thank you to everyone who came along and to the Phoenix Spotlight organisers for making it a nurturing and supportive event.

To read Jake Francis review of the evening please visit http://theverse.co.uk/homepage/review-phoenix-spotlight-phoenix-studios-brighton-10-09-2018/