The British Textile Art Exhibition 62@50. Koyo Gallery. Japan

My work – ‘In 1962 the birth control pill was available….’ 2012 is to be exhibited in a 62 Group Exhibition; British Textile Art 62@50 celebrating the 62 Group of Textile Artists 50thAnniersary. To be held at the Koyo Gallery, SHOWA Women’s University, Tokyo. Japan. 10th Dec 2013 – 25th Jan 2014

In 1962 the birth control pill was available… but only to married women. In the same year,  Louise Bourgeois created ‘Clutching’ and Niki de Saint Phalle performed ‘Venus de Milo’. Using a vintage girdle elastic and a size 18 ‘Strelitz’ 1960’s dress the work questions how much control did women have over their bodies in the sixties….

In 1962 the birth control pill was available… 2012. Weave. Vintage 1960’s Northern Irish “Strelitz” (regd.) dress designed in a moygashal (regd.) fabric. Vintage girdle elastic, suspender ends, nails. 68 x 212  x  3 cm depending on installation.
work in progress. 1960's vintage dress In 1962.... installed in studio

Left photo- 1960’s vintage dress used for the work. Right photo In 1962… set up in studio