Uninstalling of Offerings for COLLECT 2012

Monday 14th May 4pm – 8pm… dismantling Offerings…


Monday 14th May – Public opening day 4 – Final Day of COLLECT 2012

the final installation of Offerings for the Project Space at COLLECT 2012 outgrew herself…..giving inklings to how fragments could grow in another space…. she is quite demanding of her space….. one fragment not leaving the box and another just being a wallflower….


for COLLECT 2012….

Thanks to all of the Crafts Council Events Team:- Daniella Wells, Samantha Taylor, Matthew Turtle and Amy Foster at 20-20 Events.  My special thanks to Heather Belcher, Marian Brown and Sam Brown for help with installation, take down, transport and support throughout COLLECT. Don’t know I would have done without any of you. Thank you.