A new home for The Shrinking Violets

I am delighted to announce that The Whitworth Art Gallery, University of Manchester have accepted my ‘Shrinking Violets’ into their permanent Textile Collection. http://www.whitworth.manchester.ac.uk/

The Shrinking Violets are a series of five works, woven from polyester, bri-nylon petticoats and a quilted nylon dressing gown. The series plays on the perceptions of Shrinking Violet. Instead of being shy and modest the ‘wearers’ have shed their shrinking violet

skins and become revealed and liberated. The original petticoat straps are still adjustable. Focused around underwear fastenings; a point of entry and exit; Unlaced Violet, Unhooked Violet, Unzipped Violet, and Unbuttoned Violet came through the transformation but Shrunken Violet has been left by the way side.

The Shrinking Violets made their debut in 2000 in the Crafts Council Shop at the Victoria & Albert Museum, London and went on to show at other London and UK galleries including Fabrications Gallery London http://www.fabrications1.co.uk/ and Arts Council England’s Offices, Brighton, South East.

Lucy Browns’ Unhooked Violet  Photo Credit: Tony May. Crafts Council Shop at the V&A

Lucy Browns’ Unhooked Violet Photo Credit: Tony May. Crafts Council Shop at the V&A

Lucy Brown. Right Unhooked Violet. Left Unlaced Violet. Shrinking Violet series

Left Lucy Browns’ Unhooked Violet Right Lucy Browns’ Unlaced Violet

Lucy Brown. Unbuttoned Violet. Shrinking Violet Series

Lucy Browns’ Unbutton Violet Installed at Fabrications Gallery, London

Lucy Brown. Shrinking Violets. Arts Council England South East Office

Lucy Browns’ Shrinking Violets Installed at Arts Council England’s offices South East, Brighton