All at Sea. A site specific work made for The Ross Tiger Trawler

A series of mock ‘sea bags’, reconstructed from men’s vintage suit jackets. In context placed around The Ross Tiger, the bags act as links between the Grimsby fishermen’s very different shore and sea lives, drawing on the deckhands tradition of wearing their ‘coming on board’ and ‘going ashore’ suits.

1. Brown,Lucy,All_at_Sea 2.Brown,Lucy,All_at_Sea,detail3

Materials used; Suit jackets; (including Burtons and Hardy Amies), eyelets. nylon cord.

techniques: unpicked, deconstructed, reconstructed, re-stitched, reclaimed.

Photographers credit – David Ramkalawon

All at Sea is currently in situ on the Tiger Ross. Part of Ebb and Flow, a 62 Group exhibition until 2nd November 2014