warp & weft Publication

My work has been included in Dr Jessica Hemmings’s new book – ‘Warp & Weft. WovenTextiles in Fashion Art and Interiors’ published by Bloomsbury… Out now! The publication has been reviewed in Crafts Magazine No 239 Nov/Dec 2012.


re-weaving those woven linings


Linings fray fast while re weaving…..

there won’t be much of you left at this rate…. thats it for now…

my old nightdress

My old nightdress, mum bought this for me for a birthday… may of even had it for my 18th, anyway had it and worn it a long time before it ripped down the back.

worn between 1988 maybe ? through to 2003 ish ?… not sure. Colour and printed bow reference, originally from marks and spencer,  the ribbon warp seams to of devoured her