inside outside

Combining outer layer of yellow handmade gown and pale pink st Michael negligee, focus on neck line with frilly, lacy, ribbon bow details. Weaving tightly in centre,  loosely on the out-skirts, ribbon warp to be threaded like the ribbon detail… neckline and shoulders a point of entry/exit…  working both sides, inside outside,   Front warps back warps becoming one, at a point of meeting, then splitting into two layers.  Two seams from the negligée becoming part of the warp skeleton, exposing  White St. Michael label woven label with pale blue lettering.


St Michael’s pale pink negligee

Pale pink/peach st Michael’s negligee. Lovely old woven pale blue st Michaels garment label… fleshy overtones. Nylon fabric very thin, holes in places and laddering. scoop neckline with ruffled frill and ribbon detail… wondering if it should have an additional layer….

The lace, frill ribbon effect has a Victorian reference. Like the pale pinky peachy colour next to the grey satin ribbon warp…