chaos to order

Not sure if it is my mind set or if this re-working and stabilizing of secrets is generally beyond taming…. It seams loom tension sorts it, whatever it is…..Lucy Brown. the secrets we keep from ourselves. reworking. detail Lucy Brown. the secrets we keep from ourselves. reworking summer 2015. studio overview


Waist elastic to become hidden

Originally left in raw state the waist elastic from my old pink high lace neck dress is now warp and ‘wefted’ by orange red 1970’s Golden Charm laced overlay negligée…. When relaxed becomes a frilly garter heightened by suspense. Lucy Brown. Stablizing the secrets we keep.... summer 2015 DETAIL Lucy Brown. Stablizing 'The Secrets we keep from oursleves'. detail

the secrets we keep from ourselves….

… how to stabilize and where to start with you… I guess the re-tensioning of multi sectioned lace trim warps of…. dark grey first… choices to be made; what to lose, keep hidden and show? Seams, edges, lace trims and hems to be self contained, reliant on warp and weft tensions…

Lucy Brown. the secrets we keep... stablizing detail 2015 Lucy Brown. the secrets we keep.... stablizing 2015