Publication. Lucy Brown: “Secrets She Keeps from Herself”

Catherine Harpers reflective essay ‘Lucy Brown: “Secrets She Keeps from Herself”’ has been published in the Journal of Textile Design Research and Practice. Routledge Taylor and Francis Group. 2019

Catherine Harpers’ ABSTRACT explains….

“An interview in 2015 with artist Lucy Brown in her Brighton studio gave rise in due course to this reflective essay. In it I consider the particular moment of meeting, capturing that in text, before Brown was required to move to a different studio space and adopt a different way of thinking and working. Essentially, this text is about that moment, and my cerebral and visceral response to an artist in her seemingly natural environment articulating her concerns and obsessions, rather than a holistic and overarching analysis of Brown’s oeuvre. KEYWORDS: Spider, woven, embodied, female, vintage, intimate” Catherine Harper (2019): Lucy Brown: “Secrets She Keeps from Herself”, Journal of Textile Design Research and Practice, DOI: 10.1080/20511787.2018.1553763

Bit of Skirt. detail. by Lucy Brown. Photo Credit Simon Mills



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